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A Cutting-Edge Platform for Oral Delivery of Proteins


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Traditionally, protein drug delivery involves prohibitively expensive fermentation and purification processes, while also requiring cold transportation and storage and having a short shelf life. Due to their vulnerability to the digestive tract, protein drugs could only be administered through sterile injections. PhylloPharma's revolutionary technology allows oral delivery of affordable biopharmaceuticals, eliminating expensive injections and refrigeration.

Foundational Aspects of the Research

In this video, dr. Henry Daniell offers some general insights on the research he has developed over the last 10 years in his lab at the University of Pennsylvania.

Image by Viki Mohamad

Current Applications

Antiviral chewing gum

The technology currently developed by PhylloPharma is focused on using CTB-ACE2 viral trap protein in Medicated Chewing Gum for debulking different Corona viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 delta, omicron, and OC43.

PhylloPharma in the Media

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